Columbia Huila
Columbia Huila

Columbia Huila

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An experimental fermented bean by craft grower/producer, Elkin Guzman!

What is an experimental fermentation? Well, good question!
Coffee can take on special characteristics when it is fermented, fermenting is the process of using yeast and bacteria, mainly naturally occurring, to break down the sugars in the mucilage surrounding the bean. After it has fermented for just a few days, it is then fully rinsed off and the coffee bean is dried on beds and shipped to importers, who then ship it to us!
Some of these growers/producers have recently begun experimenting with different fermentation methods, very similar to a craft beer brewery, we now have craft coffee that starts at the source!
In the case of these amazing beans from the Huila region of Columbia, Elkin Guzman adds molasses to the fermentation vessels, providing extra sugars to the yeast and bacteria, reflecting an amazingly flavorful coffee.

You'll get notes of sugars, melon, toffee, and a bright, crisp tangy bite.
This is one of the best coffees that we have had, and supply is limited.

More info on the region of Huila and Elkin's fermentation process can be  Found Here


Process - Experimental Fermentation
Elevation - 1550-1700
Farm - El Mirador, Huila, Columbia